Afternoon Tea for Kids

Infini Tea

This spectacular superhero tea for a little superhero is available at St. Ermins Hotel, a deluxe hotel in South London. Super treats to indulge in include, Batman cupcakes, Kryptonite strips (apple jelly) and Spiderman carrot cake. For extra powers, super hero cocktails can be bought to accompany the tea. A super treat for a super kid. Infini tea must be ordered together with an Adult afternoon tea.

Stupendous Afternoon Tea

This fantastic tea is served at the Mercer Street Hotel, a lovely boutique hotel in the heart of Covent Garden. It has been inspired by the Roald Dahl’s children’s classic Matilda. The musical Matilda is currently being shown at the Theatre close to the hotel. Fantastic treats on the menu include ludicrously lovely lemon-load cake, tremendously terrific trifle, chocolate fondue, enormous cupcakes and magic milkshake. A dream come true for any child, who gets a special complimentary gift included in the price as well. This tea is served everyday from 2pm-5pm.