One can not just spend time in London, eating and drinking away. There has to be quality time spent reading about London, food and drink and also trying new unique products in the market. There are also activities to do on a day off to learn a new skill or discover something out of the ordinary. Anomalous London will share all this with you right here.

                                         BOOK REVIEWS

Drink London by Euan Ferguson


DRINK LONDON is a quirky drink guidebook, published late last year, by Euan Ferguson, the principal bar and pub writer for Time Out London. With his wealth of insider knowledge and practical information he has compiled this guide which has six sections:


(1) Cocktail bars, such as Zetter Townhouse,

(2) Legendary local pubs, such as Paradise by way of Kensal Green,

(3) Craft beer ale & cider venues,

(4) Bars with history, such as Duke’s, which is where Ian Fleming was inspired to make James Bond’s signature drink a martini,

(5) Wine and Spirit specialist venues, such as Terroirs which has 'Orange' wine!

(6) With a twist, such as Aqua Shard.


Euan has contributed to numerous Time Out books, including Eating & Drinking Guides and London’s Best Bars. Being a successful bar operator prior to his journalism career, gives him precedence on the drinking scene in the world’s favourite city. Tick off the venues visited from the handy checklist provided at the end of the book. Enjoy drinking your way around London.

Liberty Style by Martin Wood

Martin Wood tells the story of Liberty's, its design and its designers. Wood is an established textile and interior designer and he illustrates how Arthur Liberty shaped British and international taste in fashion and textiles, glass and metalwork, furniture and ceramics and brought together generations of great designers.


Various phases of artistic taste, from the Aesthetic to the Arts and Crafts, from Art Nouveau and Art Deco to the Georgian revival. Featuring designers such as Archibald Knox and the Silver Studio, Lucienne Day, Sonia Delaunay, Bernard Nevill, Peiro Fornasetti and Vico Magistretti and even Ringo Starr.Over 200 colour photographs and illustrations make this enticing reading.The story of Liberty's is the story of design. The brand has been an international byword for style and innovation since May 1875, when Arthur Lasenby Liberty opened the doors of his Regent Steet shop. The son of a draper, Arthur Liberty (1843-1917) was inspired by the conviction that if he could only raise the capital to open his own shop, he could change the whole look of fashion in dress and interior decoration. He did exactly that.


With an impressive ability to spot talent and to promote good, innovative and interesting design, Liberty's shop quickly became the epicentre of London's Aesthetic movement, the place where Oscar Wilde bought Japanese silk. Successive movements found a home at Liberty's: Arts and Crafts; Art Nouveau; Art Deco; and the Georgian revival. The work of almost all the great designers of the past century has appeared under the Liberty label.


This is a great unique coffee table book to be appreciated by any fashionista!


Unseen London by Peter Dazeley

This unique book captures images of the’ hidden’ interiors of some of London’s iconic buildings, such as, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the Old Bailey. Never seen before photographs taken by Peter Dazeley, a London photographer renowned for his fine art photography and who very recently was awarded the highest distinction from the Royal Photographic Society, that of a Fellowship.


What makes this book even more interesting is the text accompanying each of the fifty quirky pictures. Written by Mark Daly, who has a keen interest in how cities have developed, provides an insightful vision of how each of these places was created and used.


My favourite image is of the inside of the south clock face of Elizabeth Tower (commonly known as Big Ben). An infamous London landmark the whole world is familiar with, but no-one knows how it is actually lit up nor the fact that the actual bell (which is called Big Ben) is damaged!!  


This is great coffee table book and for any lover of London! A fabulous Christmas gift from Anomalous London to one lucky Winner! 



Lindt Gold Bunny Receipe Book

The iconic bunny from Lindt has to be the most admired bunny in the world.

It has its very own cute quirky bunny shaped recipe book which has over 50 bunny pages of tempting chocolate treats from biscuits and lollies to brownies and hot chocolate. Using the finest chocolate in the world created by Lindt's master chocolatiers, each sweet treat is guaranteed to be delicious.

Fun for all ages! This book is a keep sake from Lindt and a book to be cherised by any chocolate lover.

Lamborghini Supercars by Stuart Cooling

Wow! This book is a dream for any supercar fan. Over 200 pages of the finest glossy images of the sexiest car in the world. With all the statistics, dimensions and most importantly top speed achievable for each of the individual supercars, this is one fine coffee table book which will be used!


As every fan knows, Automobili Lamborghini was created after a disagreement between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari. Ferruccio was an owner of several Ferraris but always found a problem with the clutch when the cars were driven how they were built to be driven. An altercation about this very fact with Enzo resulted in Ferruccio deciding he could build his own perfect supercar. With his foundation in manufacturing tractors and his passion for fast cars, the end result was historic.


50 years on, Lamborghini Supercars celebrates each and every one of their performance cars:-


Miura unveiled at the Geneva Show in 1966. Marcello Gandini sculpted an adventurous and dramatic body, powered by a 350-horsepower V-12, painted in a dazzling orange, a totally unique colour for a car, quirky features, such as popup headlights, amazingly low at only 43 inches high, the Miura had a profound effect on the automobile world. The wealthy and elite of the world all bought this fine car. Top Speed 177mph.

Countach (which is an Italian expression for an attractive lady) in 1974. Wide, low and menacing, the original Countach completely recalibrated the supercar template and the first to have doors like wings which opened upwards. Top Speed 196mph.

Diablo in 1990 and was the last of the Lamborghini supercars under the auspices of the "original" company. To rival Ferrari’s F40 and Porsche’s 959 which were genuine 200mph supercars. Diablo achieved 205mph.

Murcielago  Launched in 2001 by Audi, who acquired the company in 1997 and this was the first German template for the supercar. 4,099 Murcielagos were built in its 9 year production run. Double what Countach achieved between 1974 and 1990. Top speed 213mph.

Gallardo in 2003, was the first Lamborghini to be mass produced on a highly automated line, with finer details still done by hand. 14,022 were built and was the most successful model and the first to use an aluminium chassis.

Reventon in 2008, 10 years after Audi bought Lamborghini, was so exclusive only 20 models were produced and it actually looked like a UFO!

Aventador in 2011, which embraced a monocoque chassis construction. Top speed 217mph.

Sesto Elemento in 2013, a limited production run of just 20 and priced at a mere $2million

Huracan is predominated by hexagonal shapes and is the most accomplished of all Lamborghini cars

Asterion unveiled at the 2014 Paris Motor show is a hybrid supercar and promotes comfortable luxury as opposed to ultimate track performance.

Each one is an ultimate car and each successive Lambo is better in terms of speed and attributes than its predecessor.Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years is devoted exclusively to all of Lamborghini's ultimate performance cars. No enthusiast of these world-class sports cars will want to miss it! Written by Stuart Codling a renowned journalist and broadcaster in the motorsports world, this book makes an enticing read even for a non-enthusiast. Photography by James Mann, one of the world's leading car photographers, with more than 20 years of experience shooting for enthusiast publications, the motor industry and businesses around the world. This book is arguably the least expensive item available from Lamborghini!

The London Thames Path by David Fathers

This fabulous little book is packed full of the history of the river and London's development alongside it. With quirky pictures and concise facts, this makes an enticing read to both an ole Londoner and a tourist. London's existence has been entirely based around the river which was the main power of trade, finance and security.


Over 40 miles of walks are vividly illustrated along the thames path, and as you walk any particular stretch you can learn about all the history alongside it. The actual path is shown by a red dotted line throughout the book. The book has really been thought out well, including a note on where steps are present and the nearerst underground station, national rail, and even DLR and Thames Clipper services.


The Noth shore is given first and then the South shore. What's really good is that whilst reading the north shore entries, a glimpse of what is across the river is also illustrated so you can really get your bearings correct and after discovering these paths can be your very own guide of London!


Interesting facts which Anomalous London has gathered from this wonderful book:

  • St Georges Square in Pimlico is the only residential square which opens onto the river Thames.
  • The Savoy Hotel which opened in 1889 was the first hotel in the world to be illminated by electricity.
  • Albert Bridge, the prettiest bridge in London, created in 1873, is a suspension and cantilevered design with steel rods as opposed to traditional chains. Seen at night this bridge is a favourite!

Although the Thames Path officially ends at the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, David has taken the route further to include the Thames Barrier to showcase some interesting features. The Thames has changed dramatically over the past hundred years, from being a shipping and trade arena to a serene, tourist landscape and commuter passage.

Fitness Gourmet by Christian Coates

Finally a recipe book which has the combined nutritional expertise and fitness goals in an easy understandable format for us all. Soulmate Food has created a unique system of Burn, Balance and Build depending upon your own personal goals, whether it is to lose weight, maintain weight or build muscle.


The recipes provided can apply to all goals as each has its unique symbol and is adapted to suit your purpose. No more calorie counting as all the hard work has been done for you. The easy to follow eating plans has catered for everything including snacks and desserts!


Now you can experience the right healthy food in your own home and it is not just for the Olympic athletes who used this system for London’s 2012 Olympic Games. Discover the best foods to eat and when to eat them depending upon your lifestyle and what exercise you are doing.


Did you know to boost mid-afternoon fatigue a cup of green tea packed with anti-oxidants and caffeine also has theanine which improves brain function! And a common mistake most of us make when it comes to weight loss is to jump on the weighing scales! Well this is not correct, best way to slim down is to have a slower rate of weight loss as lean muscle has to be maintained to ensure metabolic rate is efficient. So focus should be on “Fat Loss” not “Weight Loss.” As the summer sporting season kicks in, we all will be more motivated to get fit and healthy, now is your chance to win this fabulous book and set realistic, achievable goals!

                                        PRODUCT REVIEWS

   Fortnum and Mason - Merry Go Round Musical Biscuit Tin £25

A fabulously magical tin of wonderment! This will bring back happy childhood memories of carousel rides, especially as it plays the melody of ‘La Traviata’ while it gently revolves. Inside is a vast selection of Fortnum and Mason favourite biscuits including Clotted Cream Digestive Biscuit, Luscious Lemon Thins and Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Biscuits.

Perfect for a gift for anyone of any age!


                                        Mobile Credit Card device

Anomalous London has been using this gadget at events and popup boutiques and has found it to be extremely useful, reliable and efficient. No more lost sales!! In the present times of a cashless society it is imperative that any startup, popup or stallholder has a gadget like this.


Sumup has been tried and tested by us and comes highly recommended.


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