Chuan Spa - Langham London

The Chuan Spa is located within the Langham London hotel in Marylebone and is open for guests staying in the hotel and for those just using the spa on a day basis.

Chuan means ‘flowing water.’

The Chuan spa is the first luxury hotel spa to incorporate the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into its signature treatments.

The ambience and décor of the spa create the utmost serene environment which offers visitors a harmonious relaxing experience. Being in an old bank building the high ceilings and large windows give a grand feel to the venue.


Traditional Chinese medicine uses the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water which range from soothing to uplifting and energising, to restore harmony to your mind, body and soul.

The components of each of the oils are: Wood – chamomile, rose and jasmine; Fire – white eucalyptus and lemon; Earth – lemon and basil; Metal – frankincense and mandarin; Water – Jasmine and sandalwood.

Each element has distinct associations with parts of the body, emotions and preference of weather and cravings. The therapists are trained to select the appropriate element for your treatment after a unique elemental questionnaire is completed, which analyses the current state of mind.

Before the treatment begins a Chuan breathing ritual is performed which enhances the therapeutic effects of the signature treatment. Each element has its own unique associate breathing technique which the therapist explains to you. Anomalous London tried the signature Chuan harmony body massage is a gentle massage which uses pressure points to restore wellness.


Treatment Room


Each of the six treatment rooms, all individually named, Lake, Heaven, Mountain, Earth, Fire and Spirit are well decorated and have comfortable massage beds and soothing music.

VIP Suite


There is one VIP suite which has a private lounge area, double treatment room, private loo and shower. Even a wooden bath filled with rose petals in the aptly named rose petal room to relax you before any treatment.




Chuan Tea


After the treatment, it is advised to spend some time in the relaxation area where herbal tea which has corresponding elements to that of the treatment given, is offered so as to work on the inside and hence have an overall balanced affect.


Fresh fruit tray


Served in quirky iron tea pots these are the teas with their corresponding elements Chamomile blossom (wood); ginseng oblong (fire); osmanthus blossom (earth); deluxe iron Buddha (metal); Supreme dragon well (water). Fresh fruit is also provided with the tea.

Relaxation lounge


This relaxation area has six comfortable loungers in a semi-circular space, silk coverings on jazzy dividers are placed for privacy. Headphones give you access to two music channels depending upon your mood, soothing or uplifting.


A lovely staircase leads you downstairs to the 16 metre pool, gym and changing area. Well equipped with all the essentials and the shower is worth mentioning as it has three different settings; rain-shower, jets or a massive waterfall, it is easy to switch between the three and perfect for washing your hair! Yes your hair will most definitely get wet in this shower.

The steam rooms are in both the mens and ladies changing rooms.  Small and cosy with a quirky fountain inside, a novel idea. Led coloured lights in the ceiling changed from blue, green and amber creating an a nice effect.

Swimming Pool


The 16 metre pool has grey slate finishing on the walls with a quirky picture at the end of the pool. The metal free standing staircase and chandelier add to the uniquness of this spa.


Salt Sauna


Finnish salt sauna is unisex and big enough for four adults. It doesn’t get as hot as a traditional sauna and the salt elements makes breathing easier and better for the skin


Vitality Pool


Vitality pool is huge and again unisex. The metal barred seating is perfectly placed where the jets are so gives the whole body a good jet of water. It is so bubbly and offers the perfect relaxation.