Thai Square Spa - London



Thai Square spa is an oasis of calm and rejuvenation found in the heart of Westminster on Northumberland Avenue, in between Nelson's Column at Trafalgar Square and the river at Embankment. The first thing that comes to mind with the avenue name is the Monopoly board, where Monopoly fans will recognise Northumberland Avenue as being part of the quirky pink set together with Whitehall and Pall Mall.


The spa facilities are on the ground and lower ground floor of this grand building. It's quiet easy to walk past it on the avenue as you would not think that a spa was hidden inside. Upon entering you feel you are in a different world, away from the outside chaos. A lovely display of Buddhas greets you at the entrance.





Formerly a Turkish spa, elements of both Roman and Turkish style integrate with the opulent East interiors of silk and wooden carvings creating an overall ambience of tranquility and luxury.


With an array of indulging treatments on offer it is an arduous task to select, but rest assured whatever you choose, it will be truly relaxing with the exotic bespoke iMantara products used.


This unique Thai Square spa collection brings both body and mind into a harmonious state of balance as it fuses centuries of Thai massage therapy techniques and expert holisitc knowledge to create exquisitely blended bath, body and lifestyle products.



Anomalous London went for the traditional thai massage and it was amazing! A first time experience and although daunting at first as one does not know what to expect, as you are required to wear clothes! Yes, you are given loose fitting simple cotton bottoms and a top to wear. You are then taken to a specific thai massage treatment room where the bed is slightly larger than a single bed which is very hard. No oils are used in this massage.


The treatment starts as do all treatments at this spa, with a floral foot bath. You are also given some herbal tea which aids in your relaxation before the acutal treatment starts. The Siamese sole foot lotion is used to give a gentle massage to the feet after a  soak, which is very soothing and a great treat for the feet.


Why is it that we neglect our feet which is one of the most important parts of the body. Our feet are our foundation and according to reflexology, each major organ of the body corresponds with an area of the foot. By just treating the feet, pain, stress and any other disfunctionality in the body can be treated.


This foot ritual was a great start!


Tuck, the therapist after asking how much pressure could be endured, light, medium or strong, (opted for medium) she started the treatment. Now this traditional massage uses pressure points and ancient stretching techniques to release tension in the body which increases vitality and definitely flexibility.



Imagine it being a lazy yoga session where you do not make any effort to move any body part but the therapist does all the movement for you. It felt really awesome and stretches which you could not achieve yourself were easily manageable with the therapists techniques. She does sit on you at points to get deeper stretches and some yoga positions are also used. After a 60 minute session, you are totally relaxed and zoned out and the mind, body and spirit are elated.


The Roman Retreat

Thai Tranquility Zone

The time after a treatment is vital to the wellbeing of the mind, body and soul and at this spa there are two unique relaxation areas for you to relax in. The roman retreat has marble pillars and roman gold murals. The Thai tranquility zone, our favourite, is more dimly lit and tranquil where it is very easy to nod off for a while.

Other treatments available at the spa are The Royal Treatments which ladies of the court developed, facial and body treatments, including exfoliation scrubs and botanical wraps, ritual massages which use uniquely blended essential oils and unique to this spa a Himalayan ritual massage which takes place within a Himalyan salt room. 


Ritual therapies which last about 2 hours involve scrubs, body masks and massages, half day packages are 3 hours and a full day package can last upto 6 hours! A true thai inspired heaven of relaxation.

Also on offer are exclusive gents packages, couples retreats and bridal spa packages.

Couples VIP Room

A wonderful spacious room where both of you can relax and enjoy the treatments on offer.



Himalyan Salt treatment room

Himalyan salts are known for their healing properties. Having a massage in this room helps to soften, soothe and balance the senses.



Mirrored corridor

Changing room

The ground floor has the changing rooms which has unique bright red tiling and black digital lockers. Rain showers, a must now at any spa, were fab. This is where you are given your robe, slippers and towels for your spa experience.



iMantara spa products to buy 

Buddha candles

Take a little of the spa experience home by purchasing some of the iMantara decadent range of products.


The minature Buddhas in stone with soft lighting, creates an amazing visual affect for the dimly lit spa space and can be found throughout the spa. 


Have a look at the video created where you can witness the Sen Space. Here you can use the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi as well as acccess to an ice fountain and rain showers. The recommendation is to alternate your time between hot and cold zones which helps to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins. Spending time in the Sen Space will definitely rejuvenate you and is a nice add on from the treatments you have. It is also a tranquil area where not many are allowed to occupy at the same time, so you can have your privacy.


A Tour of the Spa


  • Winner - World Luxury Spa Awards 2018
  • Winner - Best Unique Experience Spa 2018
  • Winner - Best Luxury Beauty Spa 2018
  • Winner - Most Outstanding Day Spa 2018