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QUIRK for this WEEK

At the beginning of every week a 'Quirk' is posted here. This 'Quirk' is usually an event taking place in London during the week or at the weekend which is unique and quirky and may not have been widely advertised.


Anomalous London tries to find these anomalous events to keep the enjoyment of the glorious capital city of London alive. The Archive has details of past quirky events along with some lovely pictures. Please take a look and it would be nice to receive some feedback so please use the Comments Page to post something. 



Sunday 27th April 1pm - 3.15pm


This week celebrations are in full swing as its the 450th birthday of the iconic world renowned bard Shakespeare.  A unique quirky event which Anomalous London has found in celebration of this grand birthday is the Sonnet Walk from Shakespeare in the Streets.

This is a site-specific event that is part self-guided tour and part promenade performance. The audience are given a specially written route to follow and as they walk around a town, they encounter actors who perform a Sonnet (14 line poems) as if they were mini-plays. Shakespeare in the Streets was originally inspired by Sonnet Walks for Shakespeare’s Globe in London and has now been developed into successful walks that have taken place in New York, London, Liverpool, Truro and Bury St Edmunds . The poetry and the places are used as inspiration for actors to create individual performances with invited fine artists, musicians and choreographers to create work based on the Sonnets.

Sonnet Walks are a unique way of encouraging audiences to view and interact with their surroundings, which celebrate a city as well as extraordinary poetry. The Sonnets depict love in all its forms, and as such are timeless and speak to everyone. A Sonnet Walk brings the contemporary and the classical into dialogue, creating a piece of theatre that is different to any other.

This Sonnet Walk has been created especially for Hampstead by a host of local professional actors, artists and musicians, it’s Shakespeare – and Hampstead – as you’ve never seen it before! Setting off in small groups every 15 minutes, you will walk a guided route exploring some of the hidden (and not so hidden) secrets of the village’s past and present. You’ll encounter performers along the way and you’ll never know what to expect. A fun, filled, educational day out for both the young and old!

Here’s what past audiences had to say:

“Brilliant fun, unexpected and full of surprises.”

“Such a delightful idea – bringing Shakespeare’s Sonnets into our world.”

“Fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon, fun and spontaneous.”


The performance begins at Burgh House from 1pm.

Last Sonnet walk is at 3.15pm.

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